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Clear Lake Arts Center’s Creativity Chat Series with Farida Hughes

Recently I had the great pleasure to talk with Jeffrey Ebeling, Executive Director of the Clear Lake Arts Center, in Clear Lake Iowa, for their Creativity Chat Series. This series of chats with artists from around the US are designed to give a glimpse into the creative thinking, process, and workspaces of artists and other creatives with the goal of inspiring viewers to engage in their own creativity. In this half-hour or so we talk about color, the effects of changing light and environment on an artist and their work, and some new things I am working on since the pandemic. If I had more time to think about it, when asked about influences I would have mentioned many contemporary artists that I admire rather than digging up the oldies (although they are still great), and I am glad to know that I never seem to take myself too seriously.  Enjoy the conversation on YouTube here.

Creativiy chat Farida Hughes screenshot

New Conversation on the Process Piece Podcast with Farida Hughes

New on Process Piece Podcast, Episode 27 – hear my conversation with Ruby Smith as she poses questions for me on artistic process, ritual, and community. We discuss themes of multiculturalism, individual identity, community belonging, among others. We had such a wonderful conversation about the in-depth process of the work behind the work! Listen below or wherever you enjoy your podcasts:

Cover Image Process Piece Episode 27Cover Image 2 Process Piece Episode 27
Photography by Mary Gardella Photography