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“Layers of Existence” Reviewed in the Denver Post

Thank you to Ray Mark Rinaldi for the review of our exhibition, “Layers of Existence” at Walker Fine Art in Denver, Colorado, through January 4, 2020. The review opens with: “The exhibit “Layers of Existence” offers an inward look during an outward time. At a cultural moment when everyone seems to be focused externally — on politics, on the climate, on their social media feeds — the show asks us to aim the camera in reverse and explore our own psyches.”  Of my work Rinaldi says: “Farida Hughes’ series of resin and oil paintings on wood panels feature eye-appealing blobs of overlapping colors — bright and fruity blues, yellows, reds and greens. From a distance, you might think the paintings are standard examples of corporate art, color and polish just for the sake of color and polish.

Up close, however, the fluid shapes reveal themselves to be human head-like forms. She means these works to be “portraits” of a sort, though without eyes, ears and noses. Instead, they’re all emotion, thought, introspection. Layers and layers of those things. They’re lively, but also difficult.”

Read the full review here.