Hello! Thank you for considering participating in my BLENDS painting project. I am continuing my series of abstract “portraits” based on collected stories of an individuals’ cultural/ethnic backgrounds, or their children’s.

Would you be willing to contribute an anonymous story? The BLENDS are portraits of built-up layers of a mixture of resin and oil paint: layered over each other the colors and shapes create a beautiful new form. The colors represent the variety of cultural/ethnic/mixed roots that make up an individual. For example, I am half German, half Asian-Indian, my kids are those plus the mixture they are from my husband. If you will participate, please email me a list of your cultural identities, and/or those of your children, if applicable. Most people have also shared a significant small story that this request brought to their minds. I don’t need names and no one will be identified in the project, except by initials to help me keep track of the works as I continue to build this group of paintings.

Please feel free to share the request with anyone whom you think has an interesting background and/or might participate. I am open to suggestions – I could make these up or use readily available stories of people from media sources, but I am aiming for authenticity and individuality so responses to a direct request are much better (and I really enjoy the real storytelling behind simple things). The question can be open to your interpretation e.g.: I met a girl who had a parent from Wisconsin, one from Estonia, and she is growing up in Spain. It is a simple story, but I could create a portrait based on that. See the image on this page of several of these abstract portraits installed from an exhibition in Milwaukee. See the whole project thus far here.

Please email your story directly to me at [email protected].  This is a private page so you have come here from a direct link that I have sent to you or that you found through my linktree, but do share with anyone who might be interested in the project, and let me know that you did. 

Thank you! I am excited to hear from you!